Our June 2020 Newsletter

Don't be featured in the news for the wrong reasons!

The cleanliness of toilets at hawker centres and coffee shops has worsened in the last few years since 2016, and one in four patrons do not want to use these facilities at all if they have a choice.

These are the findings of a nationwide survey named Project Waterloo published by the Singapore Management University (SMU) on 26 May 2020, based on a study by SMU senior lecturer of statistics Rosie Ching and 157 undergraduates. 

Dr Teo said in a media statement issued on the survey on the same day: “Ultimately, clean public toilets can only become a reality with the conscious efforts of users to keep them clean, which will complement robust design and maintenance guidelines.” 

Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/toilets-coffee-shops-hawker-centres-have-become-dirtier-2016-smu-study

New Contract

We are excited to announce that Sensorla is awarded a new contract to install our 6-in-1 sensor for server environment monitoring in the Central Business District of Singapore!

Real-time operations updates on dashboard

Tasks status are monitored and updated real-time in our W.R.I.S.T system dashboard. This allows the site supervisor real-time intervention on issues that are pertinent, giving more time to focus on more important works.

6 in 1 Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Sensorla 6 in 1 Indoor Air Quality Sensor is integrated with several sensors and able to measure 6 parameters: 

  • 1. CO2, 
  • PM 2.5, 
  • Temperature, 
  • Humidity, 
  • TVOC, 
  • CH2O

The integration of low power consumption communications module with a secured network stack increases the portability and security of data transmission.