Leverage the Internet of Things to change scheduled cleaning to on demand cleaning!

Sensorla provides the necessary range of sensors to completely convert your scheduled cleaning to on-demand cleaning. Sensorla’s sensors pre-process data on-site before sending over to the cloud to accelerate information handling in the cloud. Customer satisfaction is achieved as toilet cleaning is triggered before a customer complains. Cleaning effort is maximised as it is an on-demand basis.

This form of on-demand cleaning is achieved using W.R.I.S.T Manager and W.R.I.S.T Sensors.

Real Time Onsite Awareness | Faster Response Time | Work Order Management

Improve Productivity | Resource Allocation | Location Tracking | Health & Safety

W.R.I.S.T Manager

W.R.I.S.T Manager is a web portal that allows for pre-planning and ad-hoc task assignments to the workforce. 

Further, it allows for integration to third party application and devices. Now you can insert ad-hoc work orders and delegate them to the ground staff.

The core system behind all workforce planning, control and command for operation, administration, data analytics, device management and integrations.

W.R.I.S.T SMART BAND and mobile app

The W.R.I.S.T Smartband is designed for your on site specialist such as technicians, cleaners or security staff. It would serve both as a task management tool as well as a health & safety monitoring device.

You can get real-time analysis of field staff activities to reduce workforce idling. Potentially, you could have the same supervisor managing more  cleaners/security personnel/technicians. At the same time, these on-the ground staff  can contribute to a more productive use of their time and complete more tasks effectively.


We provide the necessary range of sensors to convert your scheduled cleaning to on-demand cleaning. 

They include the People Counter, Ammonia, Bin, Paper Towel, Paper Roll, Soap Dispenser, Wetness Sensor, Fall Detection, Wetness + Fall Detection Sensors.


It is a compact wireless ceiling mount PIR (Pyroelectricity Infra Red) sensor. It has a built in adjustable high sensitivity PIR sensor and a primary battery. It comes with 2 functional options, movement counting and presence sensing. 

Typical usage for movement counting are detecting people going through a passage or hall way. In this case, any object pass through the view of the People Counter Sensor will be recorded and the count transmitted to backed via LoRa network. In the case of presence detention option, it is used for motion detection. Installation Bracket provided, simply screw on to attach or detach for maintenance for a room to indicate room occupancy or activity.

Ammonia Sensor

Sensorla Ammonia Sensor is a compact wireless ceiling mount NH3 (Ammonia gas) sensor. It has a built-in high selectivity low power eletro-chemical NH3 sensor, a LoRa transmitter and a primary battery. It can detect the amount of ammonia gas from various sources. One example usage for the device is to use it as a general indicator for toilet cleanliness.

Feedback Panel

Outside each toilet, users can rate the overall experience by pressing on the emoticons on a 13.3", 1920*1080P LCD Touch Screen. It will solicit for more information depending on whether the selected rating is positive or negative.
The last screen would be the acknowledgement or thank you screen. This form of on-demand cleaning provides the perfect complement to using Sensors and Sensorla W.R.I.S.T Platform.

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