TOPdesk as a Service

More and more organizations are choosing supplier-hosted services from the cloud: SaaS. TOPdesk as a Service offers a comprehensive tool with all the ease of SaaS. You run a professional service desk, while we manage and maintain your TOPdesk solution. Benefit from carefree access to our software from anywhere in the world. Save both time and money, while focusing on your core tasks.

Ten Reasons to Choose TOPdesk
1) Standard and simple

Every organization is unique, but service management processes are often similar. If you choose a standard solution like TOPdesk, you benefit from quick implementation while still offering your customers excellent service.

2) Easier collaboration across departments

Your customers don’t want to think about where to turn for specific services. Instead they want right-now service that offers them answers quickly, easily, and centrally – just like they’re used to with Google. How can you help your customers? Offer them a single portal and shared processes for HR, Facilities and IT. The result? Clear customer communication, better service delivery, and a great overview of all your services.

3) Your entire process managed efficiently

The way your customers experience your service is only just as good as the weakest link in your service chain. Aligning this chain helps you communicate easily and quickly with suppliers and customers – especially if you work in one tool.

4) Seamless integration with other systems

Are you looking to link with a system management tool? Or a CRM tool, monitoring tool or SAP? No problem. We’ve performed thousands of integrations, guaranteeing a seamless link with countless systems.

5) Benefit from the cloud

More and more customer are choosing the freedom of Software as a Service. With SaaS you can outsource the software’s management and maintenance to professionals, while keeping costs level. And thanks to continuous deployment, you benefit from the latest features and functionalities.

6) More freedom without limitations

How does an unlimited number of calls and assets sound? And a tool that lets you easily increase the number of users? TOPdesk is a solution that lets your software grow along with your organization’s ambitions.

7) Easy, smooth implementation

What makes an implementation successful? Not just the software. Our consultants work fast, pragmatically and are focused on the right set-up without bespoke work. They’ll focus on your organization’s processes, with serious attention for the people involved in the change.

8) Customer friendly and customer focused

An 8 out of 10. That’s the average grade we get from thousands of customers. What do they value most? Direct communication with all departments, and excellent implementation and support.

9) Choosing a clear vision

Our vision on service management? More collaboration within departments. More focus on happy customers instead of SLAs and KPIs. And more independence for you and your customers. Will you join us on the road towards service excellence?

10) And of course: software that makes you enjoy your work even more!

We can’t help being proud of our software. For over twenty years, TOPdesk has made people’s work more easy and fun!

TOPdesk Mobile App

Easy reporting of issues 

A user-friendly native mobile app to and view your own reported issues. 

  • Report issues 
  • View your reported issues 
  • Check your team's issues It really is that easy.

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