workforce manager

real time onsite awareness

The core system behind all workforce planning, control and command for operation, administration, data analytics, device management and integrations.

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Work Order Management

Keep track of job status and time spent on each job. Improve customer satisfaction by providing self service options such as work status listing. 

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faster response time

Assign job to onsite staff and receive instant acknowledgement. Receive timely work order updates, job alerts and notification. A communication tool for supervisor and onsite staffs.

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resource allocation

Use the data to analyse work performance and better resource planning.

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location tracking

Ensure that your onsite staff is at the correct work location. This helps you to track whereabouts and minimize workforce idling.

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health & safety

Care for your onsite staff and monitor if they are in good health to work. Supervisor can receive alert when there is no respond from their onsite staff after an irregular heart rate is detected.

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improve productivity

Access to the system from anywhere anytime from any devices, be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or wearable. Yes, wearable such as smartwatch. Checkout our Workforce Smartband!

good things come in pairs.

integrated by design with sensorla smartband

use case

labour intensive industry


Cleaners and landscapers



Security officers

(Potentially also police and firefighters)

building management services

Managing agent workers


Housekeepers & service desk

Delivery service

Logistic and courier services


Nurse & doctors

Pricing Model

based on user profile

Onsite specialist

Key features:

  • Work Order alerts

  • Work Order updates 

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Key features:

  • Work Order tracking

  • Work assignment

  • Work Order Planner

  • Email alerts & notifications

  • Work Order summary report

  • Location tracking report

  • Dashboard

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