Real Time Deployment

The Sensorla smartband is designed for your on site specialist such as technicians, cleaners or security staff. It would serve both as a task management tool as well as a health & safety monitoring device.


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Why smartband?

Today, wearables tech is a popular pick for the next technology take-over. Accompanying this transition would inevitably be Big Data and Internet of Things (IoTs) which would, in compliment, paint computerised information directly on top of the wearers' view of the world.

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receive job alert

Step One

Onsite specialist receives job alerts, instructions and work details.

Accept job

Step Two

Let the team know that someone is working on the job so as to avoid job duplication.

check in location

Step Three

Check-in location upon arriving at the  job location.

update job statuS

Last Step

Captures "start work" and "end work" time for work performance analysis.

hands-free Communication

Onsite specialist can receive job alerts, instructions and work details such as locations, service requests or fault reports.

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Location Tracking

Jobs can be assigned based on nearest location to minimise travelling time. Enhanced visibility of onsite workforce deployment.