SMArt toilets

A smart Toilet attempts to provide on-demand cleaning without the need for human reporting. This helps to improve customer satisfaction as toilet cleaning is triggered before a customer complains. It also reduces cleaning effort as cleaning is no longer on a scheduled basis, instead is now an on-demand basis. This form of on-demand cleaning is achieved using Sensorla Wrist platform and Sensors.

One stop range of toilet sensors

We provide the necessary range of sensors to convert your scheduled cleaning to on-demand cleaning.

Stop reacting,start predicting

Reduces mundane decisions by delegating it to the Sensorla W.R.I.S.T platform. Our platform automatically adjusts the threshold to activate cleaners based on users and workers' feedback.

True Efficiency through resource maximisation

Sensorla W.R.I.S.T takes in multiple inputs and activates the relevant resources to resolve the alerts.

List of Sensors & related Equipment


People counter Sensor


ammonia Sensor


Feedback Panel




Toilet PAper SENSOR
(In progress)


Paper Towel Sensor
(In progress)


Soap Dispenser Sensor

(in progress)